Kupu Kupu Spa Packages

Kupu2 Jetlag Eliminator     
Begins with Lavender Foot bath and massage to relax your feet. Once you are ready, we will begin with Traditional Massage with your choice essential oil for 90minutes and continues with a Relaxing Herbal Bath. Finishes with Lavender body lotion.

Kupu2 Relaxing (2,5hour)     
A complete body relaxation begins with Lavender Foot bath to relax your feet muscle with a massage and heel scrubs continues with our Jelly Herbal Body Scrub (Lavender or Aloe) for 30minutes. Next you will enjoy our warm Relaxing Herbal bath before starting your 90minutes massage treatment, and to finish your relaxing time with us, you will be treated to a soothing Lavender body lotion.










Kupu2 Enegizer (2,5hour)         
Similar to Kupu2 Relaxing, however this treatment is specially created to restore your energy back. From Herbal Foot Bath, continues with 30minutes Traditional body scrub and Refreshing Bath follow by  90minutes of body massage, you will feel refreshed and energized. You may choose a Lavender or Vanilla body lotion to finished.

Kupu2 Delicious Choco (2,5hour)
For Chocolover, you can indulge yourself with this delicious chocolate treatment. After Relaxing foot bath, you will enjoy Chocolate Scrub continues with Milk bath. Milk will be rubbed on your full body first before you step in water, this will allow your skin to absorb the creamy moisturizer contain in the milk. You will finish Choco-holic treatment with 90minutes massage with Chocolate oil and Vanilla body lotion.

Kupu2 Green Tea (2,5hour)
This is Kupu2 famous Anti-Oxidant treatment to cleanse your skin from toxic and dirt and give nutrient to rejuvinate your skin. We will start with herbal foot bath and continues with Green Tea scrub and Green Tea body mask before your bath. To finish you will be treated for 90minutes massage with Green Tea oil and Lavender body lotion.










Kupu2 De-Aging Tropical Sensation (2,5hour)
Another powerful and luxurious treatments, rich with vitamin C to fight cellulite and promotes wonderfully smooth skin with youthfull color. Starting with creamy foot bath, follows with moisturizing exfoliant scrubs and then continues with 90minutes with our non-oily massage cream to hydrate your skin. Afterwards enjoy a silky butter blend body mask and finishing this luxurious treatment with Papaya body lotion. Available in 2 aromas of luxurious Milk and Honey or a refreshing Pomegranate and Fig